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wrongful towing and ticketing

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The state is: ?

los angeles ca,

I need anyones help today i went to a appointment in hollywood ca, and i parked outside the building where there are meters located so i paid when i came out i noticed my car was gone, there were several other people out there wondering where there cars were too, we had been towed because we could not park there after 4pm.

when we all started to talk they said that the parking officer explained that there was a sign posted which it was true it was but it was posted on a pole facing the opposite way so when you get off your car you cant see it unless you are facing the other way. so i have a total of 400 dollars of towing plus parking ticket does anyone know if i can fight it and get my money back... anyone that could help i would appreciate it since financially and am having a hard time and having to pay all that money today was a real drag..

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