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Window tint ticket Rhode Island

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I would like to know what is the exact law for windows tint in RI? The other day while I was driving back from NYC on 95, (yet it's been a year I installed my tinted windows - 5% at the back and 25% on the front and windshield) - I was followed by state police from very close. After a while when they saw that I didn't not accelerate, they overtook me and drove for 10 mins, break, then came back behind, then put a flash light toward the car, and then dissapear far in front of me, then they park on the saftey line to follow me again (that game must have last for 30 mins) and then finally tehy came in from of me and then pulled me over. After 15 mins, without any tint meter, they gave me a ticket with an apointement to the court - telling me gently as well to drive more slowly...

Do you think, even though I am gonna remove the tint, I shall explain their weird way to pull me over? What shall I say in the court? I haven't really done anything wrong, especially that I kept my car tint for a year, drove 30K arround New england)?

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