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Will I Go to Jail for Driving with a Suspended License

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Hi i'm from California and i really need help trying to figure out what to expect on my upcoming court date. I recently got pulled over for not having my headlights on, but i knew that as soon as they pulled me over they were going to ask me for my license. I was driving with a suspended license at the time. So they pulled me over impounded my boyfriends car because i was on the way to pick him up at work. so the cops took me back home. And my idiot self was in such a hurry to pick up my boyfriend at work, that i took my other car out again, even though i had just got pulled over about 15 minutes before. And once again, i got pulled over, this time for having my front windows tinted. So i'm really scared as to what's going to happen to me in court when it's my time to go. Will i go to jail? will i have to pay a fine? probation? what are my likely possibilities? I have never done anything in my life to break the law until now. I don't know if they'll be just as harsh to me, knowing that this was the first time i have ever done something like this. please help!!!! i'm so worried i cant even sleep at night.

Thank You.

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    • Can you go to jail for this? You certainly can.

      Will you go to jail for this? We can't answer that.

      You were picked up twice in fifteen minutes for DWLS? You're looking at lengthening of your suspension time or possibly even revocation of your license, hefty fines, possible jail time, 30 day impoundment of both vehicles and quite possibly forfeiture of one or both vehicles.

      The fact that you went right back out and broke the law AGAIN within minutes of getting busted the first time is not going to make things look good for you.

      Get thee to a lawyer, pronto.

      #1; Sat, 11 Apr 2009 04:23:00 GMT
    • Quoting
      Will i go to jail? will i have to pay a fine? probation? what are my likely possibilities?
      Jail, probably not ... fines and court probation are likely.

      If they file the matter in traffic court, you're okay. If they send you to criminal court, then you could be in trouble. Given that you got pulled over for the same offense twice in one day, I'd say you might be a good candidate for criminal court as apparently you just aren't getting it. Maybe a short stint in jail might open your eyes to the offense even if losing two cars did not.

      If you have been cited into traffic court, this will not hold any jail time. If they change the location of your trial at or before arraignment to the criminal court, then you will be in trouble. I rather think it will stay in the traffic side, but you never know.

      - Carl

      #2; Sat, 11 Apr 2009 10:23:00 GMT