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Texas Speedy Trial Rights

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The state is: ? Texas

I live in Texas and got a speeding ticket about 3 months ago. I plead not guilty and demanded a jury trial the day after I got the citation for the C Misdemenor Speeding Violation. The court has failed to contact me in regards to my ticket. I have attempted to contact the court about when my case will come up, and they say we dont have any dockets for the next few months. I attempted to contact the prosecutor through the court, and they said I do not have a right to talk with him before trial. How do I move to dismiss the information on grounds of denial of a my speedy trial rights.


Right to Jury Trial in Traffic Cases TX Code of Crim. Procedure 45.025

Be Advised:

TX Speeding Tickets are Class C Misdeminor Criminal Offenses, so speedy trial right should apply. There a no civil traffic infractions in Texas.

Thanks in advance.

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    • I believe you have to actively exercise your right to a speedy trial. Your lack of initiative to do so means you have waived your right to such. This is why I typically recommend the retention of attorneys.
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