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Reckless Driving and Probation Violation in Georgia

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I recently received a citation for reckless driving since I was exceeding the speed limit by over 20 mi. when travelling to the hospital to see my mother who had gone into respiratory failure. She subsequently passed away, and I didn't know if this would be grounds to seek a reduction for the citation. I'm currently on probation in a different county in GA and am not sure if this would be violating that, and if so, could pleading "no lo" keep me from violating my probation?

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    • Yes, it is a special rule and a GA driver can take it once every 5 years. You get no driver license points but it still shows for insurance points. A lot of GA prosecutors forget to tell people this when they influence them to take a NOLO plea. You are usually better off to fight the ticket and then take traffic school if necessary.
      #1; Mon, 16 Jul 2007 07:11:00 GMT
    • I am sorry for your loss.

      What are you on probation for? I would certainly show up on your court date and brign a copy of your mother's death certificate. Nolo does not keep the violation off your record, it just keeps your license from being suspended for this particular violation. It is basically the same as guilty.

      #2; Sun, 15 Jul 2007 20:10:00 GMT
    • Is this a special Georgia traffic court rule? The standard treatment of a "nolo" / "nolo contendere" / "no contest" plea is to treat it the same as a guilty plea.
      #3; Mon, 16 Jul 2007 06:23:00 GMT