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Question about ticket (Radar gun readings recorded?)

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Im 22, I received a ticket (I think it was from a state trooper) a week ago. He told me I was going 98 in a 60. Now I really dont beleive that, and I told him that cant be right. Then he told me "yeah, and by the time I locked your speed, it was 84mh." So he goes to write the ticket and I think, okay, 84 in a 60... I can take defensive driving. Then he gives me the ticket, but when I get home I see it is written for 98 in a 60! (the ticket was for speeding only, not reckless driving although it does say "Speeding (R)" for some reason as the violation...

Question is, I can understand 84, but NOT 98 at ALL. I would take a ticket for 84. Can I fight it and get it reduced? Is there a way to show what speed he had locked on his radar gun? Ther IS a place on the ticket that says "RADAR CAL" and has 1204A (i have no idea if that it talking about calibration or what) But I need to know if this is something that I can get reduced or what.

Thank you so much


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    • Unless you can show that they were lax in getting the radar calibrated, you probably won't win on this one. And no, there is no printed readout for the radar. The radar flashes a reading and it can be locked in place temporarily, but it cannot be saved indefinitely. There is no system on radars to save readings.
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