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Obedience to Traffic Control Device

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Live in NY, but citation issued in PA.

Last Friday afternoon (1:32pm), while driving my Pop's car (NY License plates) to a camp ground in Jim Thorpe PA., I got pulled over after exiting the off ramp of 209.

Officer claimed I ran a stop sign but did me "the favor" of issuing a ticket based on "obedience to traffic control device" instead so as not to get a point against my license.

As written on the nature of offense, officer charges I "failed to obey an official traffic control device w/ traffic on SR 209."

Fine was $25 but add to it the Emergency Medical Services Act ($10), the Catastrophic Loss Benefits Continuation Fund ($30); Costs ($30.50) and the Judicial Computer Project/ Access to Justice ($10) the total due is now $105.50!

I can't help but feel like I'm being scammed.

I would like to plead Not Guilty and fight this ticket.

Can anybody help with a good defense argument?

Much appreciated for your help,


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      Can anybody help with a good defense argument?
      You are the only person alive that can offer a valid defense to the citation. You either stopped or you didn't. Consider the cop's offer to be in your best interest, it is a non moving violation and won't go against your driving record. Try to fight the ticket and you just might piss off the cop and he might just decide to amend the citation to running a stop sign, that's a point and another couple hundred bucks. It's your choice.
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