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Improper Lane Change & Driving w/o License

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Virginia - Good day, I was involved in an accident the other day where I was hit. I got ticketed for an alleged lane change and driving w/o a license.

I am tryin to find out what are the penalties involved with these two tickets? Whats the worst case scenario, max fine, etc...?

* I have a license , I just did not have it on me at the time

Thank you

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    • If your license is valid, that charge will be dismissed when you go to court.

      As for the other, you'll have to give us the actual offense you are charged with.

      It will be a number starting with 46.2.

      #1; Wed, 28 May 2008 19:08:00 GMT
    • Virginia-

      Thank you for responding to my question. The respective codes are 46.2-300 and 46.2-804.

      If found guilty what is the max penalty that can be handed down and what is the most likely penalty to be handed down.

      Thank you once again.

      #2; Fri, 30 May 2008 08:36:00 GMT
    • If I weren't feeling so lazy right now, I would look that up for you, but since I am lazy, you'll just have to do it yourself!

      Hint: If I were to research it, I would Google "Virginia [insert statute here]" (without the quotes or the brackets, of course).

      See what you find and post back with any confusion and the more knowledgeable posters will certainly help you out!

      #3; Sat, 31 May 2008 06:45:00 GMT