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Failure to Yield: How to Fight $1064 Ticket

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My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Washington State

I was in Pullman WA on October 31 when I was pulled over. I was in the right lane going about 34 in a 35 along with a car in the left lane just a little bit ahead of me. We both knew there was a police vehicle behind so we were both being extremely careful. The cops lights then came on behind the other vehicle, so both of us began to slow down about the same pace, but as I was begining to pull over the other vehicle began to come into my lane. I could see that if we both kept doing this I would have been hit, and since the officer was pulling the other car over, my thought was to pull ahead and get out of the way AND to more importantly not get hit. I pulled ahead, the other car turned into a parking lot behind me, but the cop did not follow them, they then switched to pulling me over. I explained that I was trying to get out of the way over fear of being hit. The officer simply said, "No, not good enough" to me and gave me a ticket for $1064. I am curious the best way to fight this, because if anything I was trying to avoid an accident and yield by getting out of their way. Please help

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    • The statute or ordinance you are cited with violating is what?

      Are you eligible for a deferral?

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