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Failure to Yield to a Stationary Emergency Vehicle in Arizona

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To fight ticket or not? Regarding failure to yield to emergency vehicle. With the cop being in the triangle lane like he was on the interstate, at an exit ramp, I felt that it was safer for me to remain in the lane I was in instead of merging over. I have a large SUV and don't believe he could see clearly if anyone was in the lane to the left of me. I felt that if I merged left, I had the chance to cause a problem if someone decided to merge into my lane to exit, where the cop was parked. I took some pictures of some cars to the left of my SUV and you can't even see if someone was next to me because of the size of my SUV. I can understand if he was sitting in the emergency lane, then you should try to merge. But where he was sitting, at the off ramp, what about the cars exiting. Where are they to merge to? This is a DPS officer. I cannot make the court date and need to change it. Any chance with the pictures and not feeling safe to change lanes, can I win in court?

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    • If you need to change the court date, contact the court about changing the date.

      If you contest the ticket presumably the officer will state that in his opinion you could have yielded, you will present this argument to the court, and then the judge will decide.

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