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Consequences Of Driving In Violation Of A Learner's Permit

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I live in Pennsylvania and I was hoping someone might please be able to answer a few questions regarding teen's under 18, driving w/a lerner's permit? We are having a difference of opinion regarding our teen and her driver's permit and I'd really like to know if possible, the consequences of certain actions.

She turned 17 on March 25, 2007 and she only got her permit 3 to 4 months ago.

#1. What is the consequence if she is stopped (for whatever reason) while practice driving with her licensed18 yr old boyfriend (whom I might add does not have a good driving record), also is there a consequence for her father who allows this and allows her to take his car for driving practice?

#2. Same scenario as above, only she drives the car with her boyfriend but without her father's knowledge or approval?

#3. She takes one of her father's vehicles w/out his knowledge or approval and drives alone with a lerner's permit?

Could you please possibly advise me what the consequences would be for these actions, as I know they are all against DMV's Lerner's Permit regulations. I would really like to have the proper knowledge to fight this battle? Thank you in advance for any info you can give. It will be truly appreciated.

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    • Read this document, which should answer your questions. (Even more details are here.)
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