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Careless Driving in Missouri

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Well, today on the way home from work, I was merging from one highway onto another, and was changing lanes because people in front of me were getting off the highway i was getting on and i did not want to get in their way or anyone else's who happened to be getting onto the highway. Anyway, when i look up I see that everyone is stopped because of an accident up the road. Unfortunately, I could not stop in time an I rearended the person in front of me. I was probably going around 50 before i started braking, so i would guess i was going around 25-35 by the time i hit him. Not too much damage, but they cops were called and i was issued a ticket for careless driving.

Anyway, the main question, is that is this truly careless? I cant read the cop's hand writing very well so i cannot look up the code i broke. the other question is that he wrote down the wrong highway. He wrote down the highway that me and the other driver moved to so that we were not in the way of oncoming traffic, not the one that the accident actually occurred on. Would that be enough to get the ticket dismissed or at least reduced? thanks

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