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Car Accident Where The Other Driver Left the Scene, Not Reported To The Police

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I was in an accident in California and both of us pulled off the road afterwards. we got out of the cars and the other driver instantly started asking for my information. so I gave it to him, and he methodically copied everything, then gave it back to me. I grabed it, turned around, put it in my car, turned back around to get his info--and he was gone.

Friends are telling me this was a hit and run on his part. I was at the scene for an hour re-attaching my bumper and calling my insurance co. I asked if I should call the police, but they said don't bother. My friends are telling me I should call the Hiway patrol.

I didn't get any info from the other driver, not even a license plate.

was it a hit-and-run?

should I call the police even though I don't have any info on the driver?

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    • Yes, it was a hit-and-run pursuant to CVC 20002. The agency of jurisdiction would have been the CHP if it were on an unincorporated county road, state highway, or freeway, or a city police department if within city limits.

      However, the hit-and-run report would not determine fault for the collision in any event, so it really does little to change your insurance situation at this point since you have no one you can go after for damages. But, as a victim of a crime, it may change some elements of your coverage - possibly the deductible.

      It shouldn't hurt to report it to the police, but don't expect them to do anything more than document it.

      On the other hand, if the other guy makes a claim against your insurance company, it would sure be nice to have the hit-and-run report on file.

      - Carl

      #1; Mon, 26 Nov 2007 14:32:00 GMT
    • You can try to make a police report. (Do not call 911.) Nobody can promise you anything under these facts, including whether the police will accept your report.
      #2; Mon, 26 Nov 2007 08:19:00 GMT