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3 moving violations in 12 months/ohio

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i got a speeding ticket 2 weeks ago 75mph in a 55 mph.... it was my third moving violation in 12 months.my others were a speed and reckless op. went to court today thinking i'd get the book thrown at me,and all i got was $20 fine $50 court cost...$70 dollars total.i could not believe it, the 20mph over speed showed $120.00 fine on the card the officer gave me if you chose to just send it in.well my question is ,will the state BMV suspend my license for having 3 moving violations in 12 months even though i don't have 12 points.i'm showing i have 8.

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    • I think you answered your own question. Not likely. However, you should have considered hiring an attorney if for no other reason than to get pleas to lower the speed so your points would not have gotten to be so high. You will likely have very increased car insurance rates with that many points and you probably could have hired an attorney to get your ticket speeds reduced to keep them off your record.
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